Lady Flora

Nude Leather with Black Lace Embroidery|Metal CDF Heel.


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100% Polyamide Tulle Embroidery Upper ( Handcrafted in Italy).

Leather Insole (with “Reva Stryder – Made in Italy” stamped in Gold).

Millenial Pink / Nude Coloured Calf Leather Upper.

Leather Outsole (with engraved logo).


Almond Toe Shape (Slightly rounded pointees).

25mm Galvanized Metallic Low Heels.

Asymmetrical Low Throat – Cut Pumps.

Product Code : RVSOLF002-04

Designed in Lagos.

Handcrafted in Italy.


Perfect Fit.

Your usual size fits but we recommend a size smaller, the choice is yours.

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Hello, Stryder!

Shoe Care

  • As with all skins, leather will wrinkle and soften with age. Light colors especially need to be kept out of contact from water and other liquids. To maintain the shape of your shoes, you can stuff the shoes with tissue paper when not in use. This will help maintain the supple and smooth nature of the leather. When not in use, it is important to ensure leather shoes are dry and well ventilated before storing in their care bags.
  • It is important to take extra care with lace shoes as it is a delicate fabrication and needs to be kept out of contact from sharp, rough objects that may catch the material. It is important to keep lace out of contact with water or other liquids. Do not apply leather cleaning products to lace.
  • Contact with liquid may cause lace to stain. It is important to keep your shoes safe from rain, alcohol, oil and other liquids. You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth. Please seek a professional cleaning service. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bags.
  • Always store your products away from light and heat,
  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.


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